Whiteboard Sessions: Governance and Management

Drive successful governance and management programs with IBRS whiteboard sessions.

Tap into the expertise of IBRS to enhance your organisation’s governance and management strategies for better performance and success. Our 90-minute whiteboard sessions provide valuable insights and customised strategies to drive successful transformations. Connect with us today!

Whiteboard Sessions on Governance and Management:

Prioritising Your Program of Work

IT budgets are increasing but the organisation’s demands on them are growing even faster. Given that there are limits of people, time and money – no matter what scale your organisation works at – how do you identify the right things to do now, later, or not at all.

There is ultimately a limit about doing more, and you need to do right. And the organisation will be seeking your counsel. In this session, we explore how IT can work with the organisation to optimise its programs of work.

  • This session will provide your team with a structure to handle the rising tide of requests, large and small, strategic and tactical, must-do and nice to have, revenue raising and cost saving that you must confidently handle. It helps you to focus on where to invest time and resources and to make that story compelling to your organisation.
  • Delivered via a 90-minute virtual session.

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Stepping From Technical Specialist to Manager – Foundations

This whiteboard session is a practical, coaching-style workshop focused on empowering you to build a positive team, effectively handle challenging conversations, and foster resilience within your team. This interactive session equips you with valuable skills to enhance teamwork and communication. Plus, you can choose to engage in optional follow-on activities to solidify your newfound knowledge.

  • A practical, coaching style session that covers how to build a positive team, managing difficult conversations and building resilience within the team.
  • Delivered via a 90-minute virtual session, with optional follow-on activities to reinforce learnings.

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Disaster Recovery Survival Kit

Unlock the keys to disaster recovery success in this whiteboard session. Explore the six critical stages of disaster recovery and gain a practical framework to craft a resilient disaster recovery plan. 

  • This session covers the six stages of disaster recovery – preparedness, triage and activation, coordination and authorisation, restoration, verification and assessment. It provides a practical method to develop a robust disaster recovery plan.
  • Delivered via a 90-minute virtual session.

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Making Disaster Recovery Work

This whiteboard session is a practical roadmap to build an effective disaster recovery maturity model. Learn how to develop a comprehensive schedule of technical and non-technical activities, processes, and procedures that ensure your organisation’s preparedness is top-notch.

  • Provides a practical pathway to develop an effective disaster recovery maturity model, to support organisations develop a schedule of technical and nontechnical activities, processes and procedures to verify preparedness.
  • Delivered via a 90-minute virtual session.

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