Whiteboard Sessions: IBRS Futures Series

Envision the future with these IBRS whiteboard sessions.

IBRS Futures Series: Big Data and AI – Towards Hyperscale Intelligence

IBRS futures whiteboard sessions provide organisations with research-backed, clear five-year visions and forecasts for critical ICT and business decisions. Each session deals with a specific track of the IBRS technology priorities map, and provides detailed analysis of not only ICT trends, but the coming economic, organisational, workplace and business changes.

The IBRS futures series can be used to kickoff your ICT or business strategy development, refine thinking on specific organisational plans, or to educate and motivate your team with bold visions of what is coming.

Prior to each session, the lead advisor will work with you to tailor the session to your organisation’s unique context and drivers. This ensures the sessions are not disconnected futurism, but will deliver the art of the possible for you and your teams.

Whiteboard Sessions on the IBRS Futures Series:

The AI Hyperloop: The Impact of AI on Organisations 2024-2029

Navigate the accelerating currents of AI from 2024 to 2029 with IBRS advisors Dr Joseph Sweeney and Dr Philip Nesci. This session dives deep into the monumental shifts AI will introduce to organisations, spanning evolving work contexts to the anticipated wave of AI-driven legislation.

Topics Covered

  • AI’s Role in Redefining Work Contexts.
  • Revolutionising Processes: AI in Discovery, Applications, and Workflow.
  • Next-Gen AI: Software Robots, Speech Interfaces, and Vision Services.
  • Deep Dive into Embedded Machine Learning and Generative Services.
  • Navigating Upcoming Legislation and Compliance in the AI Realm.

After this session, participants will be armed with a profound understanding of the future AI landscape from 2024 to 2029. Equipped with strategic insights, they will be poised to lead their organisations through the AI hyperloop era. Furthermore, IBRS will present a focused roadmap for AI integration, detailed with pivotal milestones, ensuring optimal business alignment.

The Red Risk Rail: Rapid Responses to Cyber Crime and Cyber Warfare 2024-2029

Embark on a riveting journey through the next five years of cyber threats with IBRS advisor, Dr Philip Nesci. This session promises to unravel the evolving landscape of cyber crime, delineating the emerging dangers and the responsive strategies to counteract this new age of cyber warfare.

Topics Covered

  • The Evolving Face of Cyber crime: What’s Next?
  • Decoding the AI Kill Chain and Evasion Tactics.
  • Unmasking the Cyber Cold War: Key Players and Battlefronts.
  • Cutting-Edge Cyber Security Tools for the AI Era.
  • Governance in the Age of Rapid Technological Change.
  • Real-World Threats: Potential Scenarios Through 2029.

Participants will emerge with a deep understanding of the imminent cyber threats and the requisite countermeasures. They’ll possess the tools and strategies to fortify their defenses and navigate the intricacies of cyber governance. Furthermore, IBRS will provide a clear, actionable roadmap punctuated with key milestones, steering businesses securely through this tumultuous era. 

The Fourth-Wave Underground: From Cloud Migration to Organisation Transformation 2024-2029

Delve into the future of ICT with IBRS advisors, Dr Joseph Sweeney and Vindu Puri. This whiteboard session propels you into the heart of the fourth-wave ICT revolution, where Cloud migration transcends into full-scale organisational transformation. Uncover the intricacies of shifting power dynamics, burgeoning costs, and new-age governance.

Topics Covered

  • The Ascendancy of Fourth-Wave ICT: Future of Architecture.
  • SaaS Economics: Long-Term Projections and Benchmarks.
  • The Power Paradigm: From ICT to Business Units.
  • The Rise of Low-Code Solutions.
  • Neo-Governance in the Digital Epoch.
  • Tackling Spiralling Cloud Consumption Costs.
  • Fortifying Cyber Security in Cloud Chains.
  • Crafting Effective ICT Strategies for Tomorrow.

Participants will leave with a forward-looking perspective on ICT and organisational transformation. They’ll grasp the nuances of Cloud economics, governance evolution, and cyber security complexities. With IBRS’s guidance, attendees will receive a structured action plan, spotlighted with milestones, ensuring a smooth transition into the fourth-wave ICT era.

End-User Compute Commute: From Hybrid Work to Hyper Work 2024-2029

Journey into the future of workspaces with IBRS advisors, Dr Joseph Sweeney and Callie Evans. This session charts the transformative journey from the current hybrid work quandary to an era of hyper work, where AI’s unseen influence profoundly reshapes how we engage, collaborate, and produce. Navigate the challenges, embrace the advancements, and anticipate the nuances of tomorrow’s digital workplace.

Topics Covered

  • New Interaction Paradigms: AI’s Invisible Hand in Digital Workspaces.
  • Crafting the Next-Gen Worker Experience.
  • The Looming Digital Literacy Divide: Risks and Responses.
  • Cognitive Content Services in the Age of Information Hyperinflation.
  • Beyond the (Virtual) Desktop
  • Scaling Collaboration and Communication Efficiently.
  • The Tech-Productivity Paradox: Bigger Investments, Elusive Productivity Returns.

Attendees will gain insights into the coming shifts in the work, and be equipped with insights to navigate the complexities of the hyper work evolution. With a clear understanding of the coming fourth-wave technology’s impacts, participants will receive an actionable roadmap from IBRS, with pivotal milestones to prepare a successful course forward.

The Innovation Express: From ICT-as-a-Service to Workforce Redesign 2024-2029

Join IBRS advisors, Dr Joseph Sweeney and Callie Evans, as they unpack the profound business and IT innovations from 2024 to 2029. Explore the impact of fourth-wave ICT’s and how low-code digital fabric will increase the rate of process and services innovation. As-a-Service ICT operating models and AI-enhanced capabilities will lead not only the rapid introduction of new technologies, but workforce reinvention and dynamic organisational recalibrations.

Topics Covered

  • Fourth-Wave ICT: The Catalyst for ‘Big-Little’ Innovation.
  • Beyond Cloud Migration: The Impact of the As-a-Service Era.
  • The Imperative of Security Leadership.
  • Radioactive Data: Opportunities and Risks in an AI Era.
  • Monitoring Key Tech Innovations: AI, IoT, Data Mesh, Quantum and More.
  • Virtual Agents & Omnichannel Services: Tomorrow’s Service Backbone.
  • Power Play: The Evolving Balance between ICT and Business Units.

By session’s end, attendees will possess a crystal-clear vision of the impending ICT landscape and its domino effects on workforce and organisational design. Armed with actionable insights, participants will be able to embed practical innovation in its ICT strategic planning.