Whiteboard Sessions: Knowledge Management, Collaboration and Cyber Security

Drive successful knowledge management, collaboration and cyber security programs with IBRS whiteboard sessions.

Tap into the expertise of IBRS to enhance your organisation’s knowledge management, collaboration and cyber security for better performance and success. Our 90-minute whiteboard sessions provide valuable insights and customised strategies to drive successful transformations. Connect with us today!

Whiteboard Sessions on Knowledge Management, Collaboration and Cyber Security:

Addressing the Challenge of Enterprise Knowledge Management in the Age of Collaboration

This whiteboard session explores strategic approaches in information management, the significance of current EDRMS solutions, and the evolving landscape of knowledge management roles to guide you towards effective solutions. It covers:

  • Where to invest time and resources for uplifting information management solutions, role of existing EDRMS solutions and the evolution of knowledge management roles.
  • Delivered via a 90-minute virtual session.

Discover where to invest in information management, the role of EDRMS solutions, and the future of knowledge management roles. Book your session now!

Disruptive Collaboration

Explore the transformative power of collaboration in policy and governance in this whiteboard session. Uncover how it reshapes staff roles, workplace structures, and technology. This session:

  • Delves into the disruptive nature of collaboration for policy and governance, staff roles and workplace structure and technology.
  • Delivered via a 90-minute virtual session.

Join us in this journey of change and innovation. Book a whiteboard session today!

Zero Trust

Embracing a zero trust strategy enhances your security posture by ensuring continuous verification and authentication, regardless of location or device. You will learn that zero trust is not just a single architectural concept. This whiteboard session is your gateway to understanding the foundational principles and maturity of zero trust. 

  • Zero trust is not a single architecture but a set of guiding principles for workflow, system design, and operations that can be used to improve the security posture of any classification or sensitivity level. This session covers foundations and maturity of zero trust.
  • Delivered via a 90-minute virtual session.

Join us to discover the value of a zero trust strategy and fortify your organisation against evolving threats in today’s dynamic digital landscape – book your session now!

CIS Controls

This is a whiteboard session on securing infrastructure and mastering critical security controls. In today’s digital landscape, ensuring the safety of your assets is paramount. Discover a straightforward and practical approach to bolster your organisation’s security posture. Learn how to implement the essential safeguards effectively and stay ahead of evolving threats.

  • This workshop provides a straightforward approach to securing infrastructure and the critical security controls required to appropriately safeguard.
  • Delivered via a 90-minute virtual session.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to fortify your defenses and gain the knowledge you need to protect your infrastructure. Book your whiteboard session now!

Cyber Security Breach – Are You Ready?

The rising tide of cyber threats underscores the importance of boards and executives being proactive, rather than reactive, when it comes to cyber security. Preparing for a cyber breach is no longer just an IT issue; it’s a crucial business imperative. This whiteboard session is dedicated to clarifying the pivotal considerations that organisational leadership must address in anticipation of a data breach. Drawing from a wealth of insights gained from recent Australian data breaches, the session will shine a light on key lessons, mistakes to avoid, and best practices that have emerged. 

  • This roundtable will discuss some of the key issues boards and executives need to consider in preparing and managing an eventual data breach. It also highlights some of the key lessons learned so far from recent Australian breaches.
  • Delivered via a 90-minute virtual session.

This whiteboard session will be invaluable for any institution looking to fortify its cyber defense strategy. Book your whiteboard session now!

Use Security Principles to Guide Security Strategy

More than just technical directives, the principles in this whiteboard session should resonate with the broader objectives and values of the organisation, ensuring that security is not just an IT concern but a core business priority. When crafted with precision and foresight, these principles serve as a bridge, facilitating a deeper understanding and appreciation of security imperatives within the wider business community. This alignment is pivotal, as it fosters collective buy-in, making the strategy’s implementation smoother and more effective. This session:

  • Provides an overview of how to develop a set of security principles as the first step in the evolution of a security strategy, and how carefully crafted security principles can be a bridge to business understanding and buy-in to a successful security strategy.
  • Delivered via a 90-minute virtual session.

Throughout the session, participants will be equipped with insights and methodologies to formulate principles that are both technically sound and business-aligned, laying the groundwork for a security strategy that is resilient, adaptable, and business-centric. Book your whiteboard session now!

Cyber Security – Is Your Board Ready?

This whiteboard session delves deep into the current state of cyber security and its emerging trends. Recognising the pivotal role that organisational leadership plays in cyber defense, the session elucidates why cyber security is of paramount importance to boards. Beyond the overarching need for security, we’ll unpack the critical questions every board should be proactively asking to ensure robust cyber readiness. Equally essential, we’ll also address the pressing questions that will inevitably arise in the boardroom post-breach, providing foresight and equipping attendees with the necessary responses.

  • This masterclass session covers the state of cyber security and trends, why it matters to boards, questions your board should ask, questions your board will ask – when it happens and ways to engage your board.
  • Delivered via a 90-minute virtual session.

By the session’s end, participants will walk away with a proactive approach to breach preparedness, and tools to foster a collaborative and informed boardroom response to cyber threats. Book your whiteboard session now!