VENDORiQ: Amazon Announces New AI Developments

Good news for upskilling enterprise users.

The Latest

In August 2023, Amazon announced its newest generative AI innovations. These include:

  • Amazon Bedrock will integrate Cohere as a Foundation Model (FM) provider using a multilingual text understanding model, Cohere Embed. Amazon Bedrock will also allow users to create agents to automate complex tasks. 
  • Amazon OpenSearch Serverless will feature vector engine support that enhances the search experience.
  • Amazon QuickSight’s generative BI will now allow natural language prompts that help business users interact.
  • Amazon HealthScribe will use speech recognition and generative AI to create transcripts and generate clinical notes secured by data privacy features.
  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) P5 instances will use NVIDIA H100 graphics processing units (GPUs) for faster creation of LLMs and FMs on AWS.
  • AWS launches on-demand generative AI skills training courses.

Why It’s Important

In addition to helping developers and users improve their search experiences and generative AI applications through advanced machine learning (ML), more vendors will provide educational resources and support to ensure that enterprise users have a solid understanding of AI and the necessary skills. This complements cross-product integration to help organisations achieve interoperability between various AI and Cloud services. It simplifies the development process, allowing for the creation of complex generative AI applications easily.

IBRS predicts that enterprise AI will focus on creating a holistic creative ecosystem to promote innovation, rather than just focusing on tools, training, or individual solutions. Vendors will compete to empower customers in exploring and pushing the boundaries of generative AI technology through resources, services, and expertise for diverse applications.

Who’s Impacted

  • AI developers
  • Business users
  • Health paraprofessionals

What’s Next?

  • Establish an innovation group consisting of both ICT and business users to promote familiarity and comprehension of generative AI technologies.
  • Prepare teams to harness AI’s power, upskilling where necessary, with data governance and ethical considerations remaining at the forefront of AI implementation plans. 

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