• Business and IT Agility: their roles in Enterprise Transformation
    Master Advisory Presentation

    IBRS Master Advisory Presentation Business Agility Slides 20160301 Page 01 When the leadership of IT and business management work well as a team there are few limits to what they can achieve in delivering services to clients. However for the teamwork to become a reality line management and IT professionals must put aside special interests and focus on implementing initiatives that deliver outcomes that meet the objectives of the organisation.

    This MAP is designed to guide and stimulate discussion between business and technology groups, and point the way for more detailed activity. It also provides links to further reading to support these follow-up activities.

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  • Run IT as a Service. Master Advisory Presentation

    Run IT As A Service

    Many IT organisations are trying to change their perceived image from high-cost / low quality to value-added service providers. However, many of the adopted approaches revolve around improving just few processes (e.g. problem management). While these processes are important, they are insufficient to produce the desired effect for IT groups to deliver value-added services. 

    In this IBRS Master Advisory Presentation (MAP), IBRS outlines the high-level issues, surrounding Running IT as a Service from both business and technology viewpoints.This MAP is designed to guide and stimulate discussions between business and technology groups and point the way for more detailed activity. It also provides links to further reading to support these follow-up activities.

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  • What are the TOP Business Priorities for 2016?

    IBRS Emerging Priorities Small


    The new mantra is that digital disruption is the main driver of the next business cycle. And innovation will create a whole new economy. Taking the reins of these forces Malcolm Turnbull sees digital innovation as the means to leverage economy and fuel growth.

    What do these terms actually mean and what is their likely impact on Australian businesses in 2016?

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  • Join IBRS at the ICT Breakfast Forum on Security Leadership

    204 Security&RiskCyber security is not merely an IT problem; it is a foreseeable business risk. When accepted as foreseeable, and viewed as a business risk, cyber security is an enabler because it provides assurance that an organisation has a viable platform to build from. Security leadership is about enabling an organisation to continue to operate and innovate in an environment where security incidents are inevitable.

    Join James Turner as he delivers an IBRS Management Advisor Presentation on security leadership.


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