• Creating a mobility strategy that will last

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    Many organisations are seeing growing demand for mobility. In theory, mobility can enable significant innovation and optimisation of processes, however, few organisations have been able to acheive this. This white paper show you how to create a practical, real-world mobility strategy based on your organisation's needs. 

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  • Running IT as a Service


    To improve business performance and/or reduce the cost of doing business, forward thinking IT organisations are trying to run IT as a Service. However, they are challenged by long software implementation timescales, fragmented delivery processes and insufficient skilled resources to meet business demands. Dr Wissam Raffoul is currently writing a series of research notes on what organisations need to do when considering running IT as a Service.

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  • The traits of an effective CISO


    There are a number of traits and behaviours to look for in an effective security leader, which are different from a traditional IT leader. The measure of an effective CISO is not whether their organisation has had a breach, or not. The measures of an effective CISO are the types of incidents their organisation has, and how their organisation responds to these. Consequently, an effective CISO is a requisite component for comprehensive risk management and organisational resilience.

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