Joseph Sweeney

The Future of Shared Services

Explore the future of shared services and the impact of SaaS in this insightful IBRS Special Report. Stay ahead of the game and ensure your organisation’s success in the digital era.

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city skyline at night

The Future of End-User Computing: The Biggest Change Since the Mouse is Upon Us

As the landscape of computing continuously evolves, from early innovations like the mouse to today’s touch-screen technology, the advent of natural language processing and generative AI promises to reshape human-computer interaction. What strategies can organisations employ to harness this potential and prepare for this monumental shift in the way we work with computers?

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Why Digital Transformation Goes Beyond Technology

Enterprise leaders that impose technology-driven changes in the organisation instead of focusing first on the people aspect and culture that embraces change, find it more difficult to execute a successful digital transformation process. How can leaders best drive technical fundamental changes?

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