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Getting the Most Value From Your Cloud Investment – Webinar And Presentation Kit

Gain valuable insights into managing Cloud investments effectively, including identifying essential tools for connectivity management, strategies for monitoring and actively managing Cloud resources, maximising value from SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS solutions, optimising data storage costs, and understanding the nuanced implications of data sovereignty versus privacy in the Cloud environment.

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Benefits Realisation and Management: A Simple Approach for ICT and Digital Projects – Webinar And Presentation Kit

Effective benefits management is pivotal for project success, validating the investment made; however, shifts in project parameters like scope, schedule, and resources can impede anticipated benefits. By addressing common pitfalls and offering strategies for adaptability, this session equips project leaders with the tools to uphold alignment between project objectives, benefits, and delivery.

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Authenticating With or Without Passwords – Webinar And Presentation Kit

How we authenticate ourselves online is of paramount importance. Traditionally, passwords have been the go-to method, serving as a unique identifier to confirm one’s identity. However, the landscape of authentication has witnessed significant evolution, largely driven by vulnerabilities associated with password-based systems.

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