Andrew Cooper

Decommission That System!

Perhaps the least appealing part of any major systems initiative is decommissioning the system or systems that previously operated in that space. But in a world of transformation and information management challenges, decommissioning is more relevant than ever before.

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A Restructure May Not Be the Best Option

ICT restructures can have significant benefits for organisations, but they bring significant costs and risks, which may well outweigh those benefits. IBRS identifies alternative approaches, and CIOs should ensure that a restructure is really the best option before committing to that path.

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Essential Eight is Not a Complete Cyber Strategy

The Essential Eight is what it advertises – eight key mitigation strategies that work together primarily to prevent and limit cyber incidents. It has rightly become a widely adopted baseline for Australian organisations in and beyond the public sector. But it explicitly states that it is not a complete security strategy, and this assertion is correct. Organisations need to understand what Essential Eight does and does not cover, and use this to plan their next steps.

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Balancing ICT Governance and Management

Understanding the differences between ICT governance and management is crucial for success in the digital age. Find out why striking the right balance is essential for organisational growth and effective stakeholder engagement.

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