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Conclusion: The Australian Institute of Management recognises that leadership and management will need to continue to evolve to keep up with technological innovation and globalisation. Whilst organisations are usually aware of the need to keep up with technological changes, they often struggle with the practical implications for management and impact ...
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Conclusion: Both black lists and white lists are effective security measures, but these two approaches are opposites and therefore, have different issues and applications. If only a few items need to be forbidden, then a black list is adequate. But if only a few items need to be permitted, then a white list is the efficient way to enforce policy. When ...
Section: Content | Category: Security Leadership | Date: Monday, 28 January 2008 | Hits: 514
Conclusion: Many organisations have two business strategies – an actual strategy and an espoused strategy.For IT managers this creates a major problem because these actual and espoused strategies can be very different. If the IT managers align IT systems and processes to the organisations espoused business strategy they will almost certainly make inappropriate ...
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