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Conclusion: IT security strategies are an invaluable resource as a means of coordinating security efforts and in improving funding approval for security projects – because they can be shown to be following a coherent consistent strategy. The process to create them is an overlooked source of value for the information that it uncovers. An IT security ...
Section: Content | Category: Security Leadership | Date: Wednesday, 28 March 2012 | Hits: 797
Conclusion: As cloud services - typically Software as a Service - become increasingly accepted, the IT industry is gaining valuable experience in the actual risks of putting data in the cloud. Most of these risks centre around data confidentiality. Knowing the actual risks, rather than the fear, uncertainty and doubt that vendors and security consultants ...
Section: Content | Category: Security Leadership | Date: Saturday, 28 January 2012 | Hits: 959
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Conclusion: In politics it is generally considered that the first 100 days of office are critical for a new leader to assert his or her authority. Insightful and visible actions taken during that time instil confidence in the new leadership and set the right tone for the future. Arguably, a similar dictum applies to IT leadership. Whether starting ...
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