Business Continuity Planning


Reacting to a Cyber Incident

Reacting to a cyber incident can be daunting, but panicking and making mistakes can worsen the situation. Learn how a digital forensics incident response (DFIR) retainer can help you minimise the impact and ensure timely access to expert help.

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VENDORiQ: Jamf Executive Threat Protection Launched to Offer Advanced Detection Capabilities

Jamf has introduced Jamf Executive Threat Protection, an advanced detection and response tool for mobile devices, to support government agencies, media and entertainment. Jamf is better known for its iOS device management solution and strong position within education. Does Jamf have what it takes to move into the end-point protection space – especially for highly sensitive organisations?

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IBRS Radar: Cydarm’s Cyber Incident Response Platform

Having a cyber incident response plan is not enough. The plan needs to be backed up with tools and processes to ensure it is well-executed and secure, even while other parts of the business are being hacked. In this IBRS Radar, IBRS explores Cydarm, a unique Australian vendor with a planning and collaboration platform developed solely to support cyber incidents.

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