How to Develop an Effective Information Architecture

How many organisations are carrying technical debt in their holding of information. Do they need to hold the information they do, is it accessible, and are they in breach of the law holding information that is no longer needed? This advisory paper will assess how organisations can solve this problem.

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How Oncquest Laboratories Improved its Operations With Cloud

While many organisations look to the cloud to save money, medical laboratory firm Oncquest saw it as an opportunity to improve business operations. By moving their bespoke laboratory information management system (LIMS) to the Cloud, Oncquest rapidly unlocked the ability to develop additional functionality in their key service platform. The result is an astounding 90 per cent reduction in sample status inquiries.

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Considerations for Modern ICT Operating Models

Modern ICT operating models in the fourth-wave of ICT need to acknowledge that control over technology and its use is no longer solely as clear-cut as it has been in the earlier waves, where users accessed services that were centrally run in highly controlled environments.

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