Essential Eight is Not a Complete Cyber Strategy

The Essential Eight is what it advertises – eight key mitigation strategies that work together primarily to prevent and limit cyber incidents. It has rightly become a widely adopted baseline for Australian organisations in and beyond the public sector. But it explicitly states that it is not a complete security strategy, and this assertion is correct. Organisations need to understand what Essential Eight does and does not cover, and use this to plan their next steps.

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Empower Data with Intelligence from Microsoft’s Data Analytical Platform

IBRS delves into a platform that seamlessly combines data from various sources and formats without the need for complex integration. This platform, Microsoft Fabric – a unified data analytical platform, automates the steps required to ensure data reliability for analytics. How can such a unified platform benefit your data analytics initiatives?

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Best Practices for Microsoft Power BI Accessibility

Poorly constructed analytics dashboards can be difficult for users to consume at the best of times. Making dashboards accessible for a broad range of users with neurodiverse and physical limitations is doubly challenging. Yet it is not impossible. In this paper, IBRS recommends a range of better practices for building highly accessible and effective dashboards with the features of Microsoft’s Power BI.

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Wicked Game: How to Secure Senior Executives’ Cyber Security Buy-In

No cyber security program can be successful if the executive buy-in is not secured during its initial planning stages. However, many organisations still lack top management that believes in a strong security culture – or invest the time and resources needed to establish and maintain one. What factors contribute to their shortsightedness, and what strategies can CISOs use to convince them otherwise?

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