Data Analytics

Best Practices for Microsoft Power BI Accessibility

Poorly constructed analytics dashboards can be difficult for users to consume at the best of times. Making dashboards accessible for a broad range of users with neurodiverse and physical limitations is doubly challenging. Yet it is not impossible. In this paper, IBRS recommends a range of better practices for building highly accessible and effective dashboards with the features of Microsoft’s Power BI.

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The Risks of First Party Data Sharing

Organisations are rapidly becoming aware of the value of first party data given the rise in global privacy regulations. However, even consent-based sharing of such information can put businesses at risk when staff are unaware of the repercussions of sharing data.

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Modernising Data Warehouse Solutions in the Cloud – Data Discovery & Cataloguing

Enabling enterprise Cloud data warehouse environments to meet compliance standards and requirements demands accelerated iterations on new solutions. This includes leveraging tools for data discovery, cataloguing, and ingestion. In this first of a two-part series, IBRS looks into why organisations must prioritise these when modernising their digital transformation, and how these bring long-term benefits.

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