Enterprise Content Management

Not a One Way Street – Information Management Also Supports AI

A growing amount of IT research discusses how artificial intelligence (AI) tools may support effective information management (IM), often through process automation. This is valid. But so is the inverse proposition, that effective IM supports productive use of AI and reduces its risks. Do not assume there is a one-way street: examine how enhancing IM practices now may support current and future AI initiatives.

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Hybrid CMS: The Role of DevOps

Organisations can better cater to the content authoring needs of their staff, regardless of their staff’s technical background, through hybrid and headless CMS. With DevOps, software developers and content authors can better optimise the platform. IBRS looks into DevOps’ crucial role in new forms of content management delivery.

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Hybrid CMS: Traditional Meets Headless CMS (Part 1 of 2)

While a pure headless content management system (CMS) has several advantages over traditional CMS, enterprises may be better served by a more traditional CMS that has some aspects of headless added, i.e., a hybrid CMS. IBRS explores how such a hybrid CMS can provide many of the benefits of headless, without the complexity, to support future digital content delivery strategies.

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