Customer Service

IBRS Radar: n3 Hub

n3 Hub is a New Zealand-based, customer data platform company that specialises in marketing operations, customer relationship and market intelligence. Get to know more about the company’s products and services in this vendor feature.

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The Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) Guide for the Enterprise: Securing Customer Identity in the Customer Journey

Customer experience is never complete without a solid security strategy. Unknown to most enterprises, the linear path of a customer journey necessitates an equal security approach in each interaction to establish trust in the relationship between the brand and the consumer. IBRS explores what solutions an enterprise must invest in to secure each stage of the journey.

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Six Killers of Customer Segmentation & Personalisation

Cross-functional tasks among various departments provide better collaboration, especially when customer personalisation and customisation are employed. How should enterprises deal with the challenges that prevent them from analysing their customer behaviour, attributes, and trends?

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