Wicked Game: How to Secure Senior Executives’ Cyber Security Buy-In

No cyber security program can be successful if the executive buy-in is not secured during its initial planning stages. However, many organisations still lack top management that believes in a strong security culture – or invest the time and resources needed to establish and maintain one. What factors contribute to their shortsightedness, and what strategies can CISOs use to convince them otherwise?

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Design Thinking for Digital Transformation

Transforming an organisation into a digital-first enterprise involves solving problems differently. IBRS explores how design thinking principles can be applied to multidimensional problems and provides a flexible approach to creating solutions that make a difference.

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Developing Your Organisation’s Data Culture

Investments in analytics infrastructure without investing in enterprise-wide data culture will result in a poor return on investment. What is needed to build an organisation’s data culture that supports critical decision-making? How can enterprises better integrate data search and discovery, literacy, technology, and governance to develop scalable solutions?

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