Security Readiness


Reacting to a Cyber Incident

Reacting to a cyber incident can be daunting, but panicking and making mistakes can worsen the situation. Learn how a digital forensics incident response (DFIR) retainer can help you minimise the impact and ensure timely access to expert help.

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That’s Not Our Policy: Differentiating Policy, Standard, Guideline and Procedure

ICT executives need to establish guardrails to govern and manage the use of technology for their organisation and its stakeholders. Policies are the tool that comes immediately to mind when doing so, but they are not the only way. Use this handy IBRS model to help decide if a policy is the best solution, or whether a simpler guideline, standard or procedure could be a better fit.

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Zero Party Data and Its Value to Enterprises

As users take more control of what information they share through utilising ad blockers, disposable emails, and even limiting the data which they reveal whilst using digital services, is zero party data the best way to ensure enterprises still acquire valuable user information for marketing and other data-driven business decisions?

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VENDORiQ: Jamf Executive Threat Protection Launched to Offer Advanced Detection Capabilities

Jamf has introduced Jamf Executive Threat Protection, an advanced detection and response tool for mobile devices, to support government agencies, media and entertainment. Jamf is better known for its iOS device management solution and strong position within education. Does Jamf have what it takes to move into the end-point protection space – especially for highly sensitive organisations?

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