Workforce Transformation

Why Digital Transformation Goes Beyond Technology

Enterprise leaders that impose technology-driven changes in the organisation instead of focusing first on the people aspect and culture that embraces change, find it more difficult to execute a successful digital transformation process. How can leaders best drive technical fundamental changes?

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Creating Effective Digital/Physical Workplaces

The evolving workplace has been highly influenced by an organisation’s adaptability to trends, productivity and (more recently) wellness. With technology now more instrumental in shaping the physical office environment, how can leadership teams ensure that the digital workplace promotes more effective collaboration, improved wellbeing, and increased productivity?

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data analysis

People Analytics: Mining Hidden Data for Innovation and to Settle Hybrid Work Debates

Many organisations still fall short of optimising their employee experiences and workforce planning. The ongoing – and often heated – debates surrounding hybrid work are a direct result of the failure to locate evidence in hidden data sets, and analyse employee activities and needs. People analytics can address these challenges, but only when executives temper their reliance on personal experiences, opinions, and intuition, instead of data and statistics to create actionable insights.

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