The Future of Software Teams in the Era of AI

The integration of AI and low-code tools into software development has raised speculations about the demand for software engineers. What impact does AI and AI-powered low-code have on the future of coding professionals? How will the landscape of software development change?

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Careless Talk – Why Water Cooler Sessions Are Not Social Events

Water cooler sessions offer opportunities for teams to participate in casual conversations among their fellow employees. Yet, many members of the organisation are less engaged in such discussions. What keeps them from participating, and what can be done to increase attendees’ willingness and sustain their interest?

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Modernising Enterprise Learning: Fundamentals (Part 1)

Just because staff members remember something, does not mean they will act upon it. Successful task-oriented instruction can only be realised if learners have the opportunity to immediately apply it to their day-to-day work, and receive timely, staged feedback.

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