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The Top Reasons Why ERP Projects Fail – Lessons From the Front

Numerous organisations are currently embarking on ERP implementations or significant upgrades. These large-scale projects often prove complex and challenging, frequently falling short in terms of cost, time, and business benefits. Why do ERP projects frequently face setbacks or fail to meet expectations, and what strategies can organisations employ to minimise these risks?

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Empower Data with Intelligence from Microsoft’s Data Analytical Platform

IBRS delves into a platform that seamlessly combines data from various sources and formats without the need for complex integration. This platform, Microsoft Fabric – a unified data analytical platform, automates the steps required to ensure data reliability for analytics. How can such a unified platform benefit your data analytics initiatives?

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Core, Shared and Local Systems – Effective Usage

Informed operational implementation of the core, shared and local systems’ classification structure establishes a powerful tool for assured IT management, and empowers IT teams to maximise their impact against the investment of money, time and effort.

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