Identity and Access Control

Fraud Detection in the Era of Hyper-Evolving Channels. An IBRS Special Report

On the 9th of March 2023, IBRS moderated an in-depth peer roundtable on the challenges and future of fraud detection. The session was conducted as part of the Australian Cyber Security Leadership Summit and sponsored by Confluent. The session was attended by senior cyber security and fraud specialists from Australia’s top enterprises and conducted under Chatham House rule. Following is a summary of the key observations discussed and recommendations shared by the participants.

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Can Password Managers Still Be Trusted?

From data breaches to identity theft, enterprise users have lost confidence in the capabilities of password managers to ensure their security given the multiple incidences of hacking. IBRS explores the relevance of these tools where the growth of threats and vulnerabilities undermine organisations’ safety.

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The Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) Guide for the Enterprise: Securing Customer Identity in the Customer Journey

Customer experience is never complete without a solid security strategy. Unknown to most enterprises, the linear path of a customer journey necessitates an equal security approach in each interaction to establish trust in the relationship between the brand and the consumer. IBRS explores what solutions an enterprise must invest in to secure each stage of the journey.

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