Balancing ICT Governance and Management

Understanding the differences between ICT governance and management is crucial for success in the digital age. Find out why striking the right balance is essential for organisational growth and effective stakeholder engagement.

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Corruption Prevention and Response

Recent, highly-publicised cyber incidents have made IT-related criminal acts of all types newsworthy, and severely tested the tolerance of the market (customers, regulators, and insurers) with organisations that suffer from them. As a result, organisations can no longer be satisfied with stopping or reacting to IT crime in ways that previously sufficed.

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Maturity Models – Implementing for Impact

Maturity models are a highly effective tool for structuring, tracking and reporting the improvement in important process areas of an IT organisation. But how do you begin the journey, and how do you succeed in demonstrating reward for your efforts?
This article addresses how to implement maturity models. A previous article described what maturity models are and why they should be used.

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Maturity Models – What They Are and Why They Matter

These days, maturity models seem to be everywhere. IBRS alone has published scores of research articles utilising them. But what exactly are maturity models, what are they good for, and how can they be used effectively?
This article addresses what maturity models are and are not good for – a future article will address their use.

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data analysis

People Analytics: Mining Hidden Data for Innovation and to Settle Hybrid Work Debates

Many organisations still fall short of optimising their employee experiences and workforce planning. The ongoing – and often heated – debates surrounding hybrid work are a direct result of the failure to locate evidence in hidden data sets, and analyse employee activities and needs. People analytics can address these challenges, but only when executives temper their reliance on personal experiences, opinions, and intuition, instead of data and statistics to create actionable insights.

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