Microsoft Teams as an Enterprise Unified Communications Platform

Unified Communications (UC) presents a range of challenges in the rapidly-evolving technologies. With the increasing number of communication channels and devices available, organisations face difficulties in integrating these tools into a single, cohesive platform. How should enterprises deploy UC such as Microsoft Teams?

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VENDORiQ: What to Expect From the Teams 2.0 Launch

Microsoft is set to announce Teams 2.0, with improved speed and navigation, potentially only available on Windows 11 and 10. IBRS anticipates integration with AI features and a focus on enterprise users but notes a lack of new controls for governing Teams.

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Microsoft Teams Collaboration Part 3: Recommended Security Practices

With the growth of enterprises that have adopted Microsoft Teams as their online collaboration platform, potential security risks associated with the solution have likewise sprawled within organisations and those admitted as guest or external users. What should IT security teams implement in their governance measures to control the risk of data loss and the spread of malware entering through the platform?

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Microsoft Teams Collaboration Part 2: People and Sharing

The risks involved in Microsoft Teams’ communication and collaboration features provide reasons for deploying a scalable information governance. It is necessary to understand each collaboration feature in detail to enact authentication and governance policies.

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