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Supporting the entire decision-making lifecycle

IBRS’s portfolio of services have been designed to support senior leaders as well as mentor and grow their direct reports. Knowing that IBRS’s advice is independent of vendor influence and based on many client engagements, Australian organisations can feel comfortable our advice is tailored to their needs and focused on their success.


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Always have the right information

We provide ongoing pragmatic advice backed with our Advisory Papers to help your team make better informed decisions for business technology investments so you never waste money or time.

Our advisors will work closely with you to provide advice specific to your situation to ensure you get the solution you need.


Always be the first with a plan...

We can help you to develop strategies that transform ICT service delivery and provide customer-centric services to stakeholders

We identify the ICT future state so you can plan ahead while supporting the initiatives and the skills you need to achieve your goals.


Let us support you...

We provide independent expertise throughout all stages of your project to make sure you are continually getting the right advice for the best chance of success.

Our advisors provide consulting and mentoring so you can upskill as we assist you in making sure you have the technology to achieve your objectives.

CIO Cyber & Risk Network

IBRS clients have been telling us that the frequency with which they are being asked to report on cyber security to their boards has increased. Now, four times a year is the minimum, and the board members are asking better, more in-depth, questions. The CIO Cyber and Risk Network is a vendor independent forum for CIOs to share with and learn from each other.


Gain Clarity Over Your Priorities

Both business executives and IT groups find themselves in a constant race against competitors who have embraced new technologies. This often results in a mad dash between one hot new technology and another, even though there are fundamental interconnections between the emerging technologies.

In any race, having a skilled navigator and an accurate map is vital. This is where our expert advisors help. IBRS’s Emerging Business Priorities Map presents the highest view of the issues, and likely stops along the way to true business transformation.

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IBRS Emerging Priorities