Business Transformation

The Value of Over-Communication in Hybrid ICT Teams

Many organisations have adopted hybrid work, but balancing in-office and remote work performance is proving difficult for some managers. IBRS explores the critical leadership skills that improve outcomes in hybrid world scenarios for ICT teams.

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Design Thinking for Digital Transformation

Transforming an organisation into a digital-first enterprise involves solving problems differently. IBRS explores how design thinking principles can be applied to multidimensional problems and provides a flexible approach to creating solutions that make a difference.

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The Rise of Telepresence Robots in the Workplace

Telepresence robot technology has found its way into industries that require deeper social interaction from a remote location than is available through standard video conferencing. But does the use of navigable mobile devices – robots – make sense? How will these robots disrupt healthcare, education, and corporate environments?

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Keeping The Workforce Connected

One of the immediate effects of the COVID-19 pandemic was the closure of offices and the move to remote working conditions. Some businesses were able to immediately execute this as part of their business continuity plan (BCP). Now that the crisis has become the business-as-usual state, challenges have also begun to appear and BCPs need revising to adapt to this new situation.

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