Presentation Kit

Managing Difficult Behaviours and Conversations – Presentation Kit

Technology leadership now requires managers to possess knowledge and skills that cover areas such as culture change, disruptive thinking, emotional intelligence, adaptability and resilience, business acumen, and transformational leadership, in addition to technology competencies. Read now to discover how to better adapt into a management role and deal with those tough tasks.

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Good governance

PMO IT Governance Establishment Methods – Presentation Kit

There is an increasing demand on IT and digital departments to establish or revitalise an IT governance or project management office function to guide consistent project delivery, unify reporting and support business and capacity planning. There are numerous formal methods and frameworks, to baseline and measure PMO maturation efforts.

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Data Management

Baselining Data Literacy Webinar

What does digital literacy mean to you and your organisation, and how do you improve? This pack covers how an organisation can definitively baseline their workforce’s digital literacy, across three different approaches, depending on their context and business needs.

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