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IBRS State of Identity Whitepaper

This paper sheds light on critical aspects of identity and access management such as justifying investments, controlling federated identities, and addressing certification fatigue.

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Holistic Low-Code Ecosystem Digital Fabric with AI

Enterprises increasingly turn to low-code platforms integrated with AI capabilities to address the growing demand for rapid software development and process automation. How can AI within low-code solutions enhance decision-making, scalability, and resource optimisation?

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The Future of Shared Services

Explore the future of shared services and the impact of SaaS in this insightful IBRS Special Report. Stay ahead of the game and ensure your organisation’s success in the digital era.

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The Future of End-User Computing: The Biggest Change Since the Mouse is Upon Us

As the landscape of computing continuously evolves, from early innovations like the mouse to today’s touch-screen technology, the advent of natural language processing and generative AI promises to reshape human-computer interaction. What strategies can organisations employ to harness this potential and prepare for this monumental shift in the way we work with computers?

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Why Digital Transformation Goes Beyond Technology

Enterprise leaders that impose technology-driven changes in the organisation instead of focusing first on the people aspect and culture that embraces change, find it more difficult to execute a successful digital transformation process. How can leaders best drive technical fundamental changes?

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Fraud Detection in the Era of Hyper-Evolving Channels. An IBRS Special Report

On the 9th of March 2023, IBRS moderated an in-depth peer roundtable on the challenges and future of fraud detection. The session was conducted as part of the Australian Cyber Security Leadership Summit and sponsored by Confluent. The session was attended by senior cyber security and fraud specialists from Australia’s top enterprises and conducted under Chatham House rule. Following is a summary of the key observations discussed and recommendations shared by the participants.

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The Future of Software Teams in the Era of AI

The integration of AI and low-code tools into software development has raised speculations about the demand for software engineers. What impact does AI and AI-powered low-code have on the future of coding professionals? How will the landscape of software development change?

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IBRSiQ: Artificial Intelligence Q&A

IBRS conducted a presentation and open Q&A on the state of generative AI for a client. The presentation was lively, with many questions raised. A written response to the questions follows.

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Crushing the Costs of Azure Virtual Desktops

Many organisations that adopted Azure Virtual Desktops find that user satisfaction for the VDI environment is high, but procurement is pushing back on the ongoing price tag. IBRS explores how to dramatically cut the cost of Azure Virtual Desktop services while keeping users happy.

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